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At FlashPoint, we believe that leadership is not an inherent quality—people can learn leadership. The Leadership Challenge® is a research-based leadership development program designed to enhance the leadership effectiveness of any leader, regardless of position or organization. The program approaches leadership as a measurable, learnable, and teachable set of behaviors.

That’s why we’re proud to be a Global Training Partner and the #1 provider of The Leadership Challenge.

Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner have researched more than three million leaders over 30 years and found that five fundamental practices are common to extraordinary leadership achievements. The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® are now known worldwide as the most practical model of leadership development.


What are the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership?

  • 1. Model the Way
    Clarify values by finding your voice and affirming shared ideals. Set the example by aligning actions with shared values.
  • 2. Inspire a Shared Vision
    Envision the future by imagining exciting and ennobling possibilities. Enlist others in a common vision by appealing to shared aspirations.
  • 3. Challenge the Process
    Search for opportunities by seizing the initiative and by looking outward for innovative ways to improve. Experiment and take risks by constantly generating small wins and learning from experience.
  • 4. Enable Others to Act: 
    Foster collaboration by building trust and facilitating relationships. Strengthen others by increasing self-determination and developing competence.
  • 5. Encourage the Heart
    Recognize contributions by showing appreciation for individual excellence. Celebrate the values and victories by creating a spirit of communities.

The LPI®Leadership Practices Inventory® is the best-selling and most trusted 360-degree assessment of its generation. The LPI helps individuals to measure the frequency with which they demonstrate The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership and enables them to act on their discoveries. Leaders gain deep insight into how they see themselves as leaders, how others view them, and what actions they can take to improve their effectiveness.

In addition to individual feedback reports, we can also provide in-depth reports that enable your organization to gain insight into entire groups of leaders with the group summary report or compare results over multiple assessments with the reassessment report.

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We offer a variety of options to teach The Leadership Challenge® concepts

  • A half-day workshop that helps participants interpret their LPI results and create individual development plans
  • The Introduction to The Five Practices Workshop, a one-day program that provides participants with an overview of the practices and self-assessment
  • The Leadership Challenge Workshop, a two-day program that gives more context to The Five Practices; participants role-play and explore how to apply the practices and associated behaviors on the job
  • A comprehensive program that supplements The Leadership Challenge Workshop with reinforcement activities (coaching, action learning, renewal sessions, and reassessments) to sustain behavior change

Get MORE out of The Leadership Challenge Workshop

FlashPoint is committed to delivering leadership development that achieves results, so we offer a number of activities that reinforce learning and ensure maximum impact. We call our approach The Leadership Challenge Plus MORE. A few of the components that we often incorporate to driving results are: 

  • A kickoff with participants’ managers
  • An executive session to gain buy-in and prepare leaders to support the learning
  • Action learning teams to help participants apply their new skills to the workplace
  • Follow-up/reinforcement sessions to drive home key points
  • Individual and/or group coaching with participants to accelerate their development
  • Mentoring to help participants learn from a more experienced leader
  • An LPI reassessment to measure progress 
  • A capstone event to share learning and celebrate successes

Upcoming Workshops

Join us on Tuesday, September 20 for The Leadership Challenge®—Sonoma, CA.

The Leadership Challenge Gets Results

The Leadership Challenge delivers measurable impact. Collectively, participants have increased their pre- and post-workshop assessment scores, achieved higher goal and competency performance ratings than nonparticipants, and demonstrated improvement in observable leadership behaviors. Our clients have also seen employee engagement survey scores related to leadership increase.

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