What We Do

FlashPoint is a leadership consulting firm specializing in leadership development, team effectiveness, and coaching. We work alongside our clients to make sure they have achieved their business goals, their leaders are highly engaged, and their teams are more effective.

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Leadership Development

  • Recognize potential
  • Grow your leaders’ capabilities
  • Build tomorrow’s leaders today

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Team Effectiveness

  • Improve collaboration
  • Build healthy and productive teams
  • Achieve better performance

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  • Accelerate leader development
  • Maximize contributions
  • Increase engagement

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Our Approach

Our approach revolves around our clients. From start to finish, we’re with you every step of the way, working collaboratively to achieve your leadership goals.

We Connect 

We establish a partnership with our clients. We work to define their goals, examine problem areas, and understand their company culture. And, above all else, we get to know our clients’ business needs in order to develop creative and measurable leadership solutions that have a lasting impact.

We Analyze 

We take what we’ve learned from our clients and combine best practices and leading research. Our experienced team designs a custom, metrics-driven journey for our clients—a journey that integrates innovative ideas and concepts to produce an approach that’s truly unique.

We Create 

Once we’ve conceived a solution that fits our clients’ needs, we begin to develop and create measurable leadership solutions that can be applied to their specific workplace cultures. Specific tools and programs that support each client's unique journey, detailed deliverable timelines, and anticipated results are all essential pieces to this step.

We Engage 

This is what we define as our client’s flashpoint—the critical moment when creativity and purpose come together to produce significant action. This is when leaders, teams, and organizations are engaged—when we employ programs, tools, or coaching methods to achieve our clients’ specific goals. 

We Measure

Your business goals matter to us. We identify your objectives, how we’ll measure them, and how they'll impact your business.

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