Research shows that 50 percent of employees report having left their job because of their manager.

Managers can account for up to 70% of variance in employee engagement, yet many managers are promoted without receiving the essential training and skills to empower and engage their constituents.

In this informative webinar, we’ll provide a framework for developing these essential management skills—or vitals. Join us to learn how organizations can develop a road map to ensure their managers:

- Make a successful transition from employee to manager (even if they have been managing for years)

- Learn effective planning and delegation skills for managing through change

- Develop fundamental skills in goal setting, performance management, and providing feedback

- Understand the impact of engagement and motivation

Management Vitals™ is a proven and practical program that equips leaders with the fundamentals of management. We'll explore this resource with you, as well as provide tools and takeaways that will help you get started developing effective managers, today. 

Cost: Complimentary

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