How to Engage Emerging Leaders

All month our FlashPoint blog has focused on giving you tools that you can use to accelerate your leadership development efforts. This quick-start guide is designed for those of you looking for concrete ways to start developing emerging leaders now. … Continue reading.

August 25, 2016

Google Knows My Birthday! (Does My Boss?)

Do you know the birthdays of your employees? How much do you know about the personal and professional aspirations of your employees?… Continue reading.

August 23, 2016

3 Musts for Making Leadership Development Stick

For too long, leadership development has not been seen as a strategic, long-term source of increased revenue. A one-time… Continue reading.

August 18, 2016

FlashPoint Included on the Inc. 5000—Inc. Magazine’s 35th Annual List of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies

INDIANAPOLIS—Aug. 17, 2016—Inc. magazine today added FlashPoint to its 35th annual Inc. 5000, an exclusive ranking of the… Continue reading.

August 17, 2016

11 Actions Effective Managers Take to Create a Results-Driven Environment

We’ve looked at the importance of providing employees with ongoing feedback. Ongoing performance feedback helps managers (and employees!)… Continue reading.

August 16, 2016

What Your Employees Won’t Tell You (and Why?)

I conducted a workshop last week for a group of new managers. It was a group of about 25 people from different organizations. As I was talking… Continue reading.

August 11, 2016

3 Tips to Boost Employee Engagement Now

As evidenced by Gallup (the research reflected in this table), almost 7 in 10 employees (67%) who strongly agree that their… Continue reading.

August 09, 2016

Change Your Most Undesirable Habit . . . NOW!

In my experience of coaching leaders, one thing stands out: leaders often want to change one undesirable habit. Clients, in one way or… Continue reading.

August 04, 2016

FlashPoint acquires Sonoma Leadership Systems

INDIANAPOLIS—Aug. 1, 2016—Leadership consulting firm FlashPoint has acquired Sonoma Leadership Systems of Sonoma, California.… Continue reading.

August 01, 2016

Highlight Reel: It's All About the Who [SlideShare]

How has your summer been? Ours has been exciting but too fast (sound familiar?). So we slowed down in July to focus on the most… Continue reading.

July 29, 2016

Who Benefits from Leadership Development? (Hint: Everyone)

Did you ever think about what happens to people in leadership development programs after the learning occurs? They spend a day, or a few days,… Continue reading.

July 25, 2016

Not Every Jedi Is a DiSC® D

Scan through the characteristics each DiSC® style tends to exhibit. Which one style do you think makes the… Continue reading.

July 20, 2016

Focus on (DiSC®) Style

I was talking to a new FlashPoint coworker yesterday about how she’s doing a month into her first post-college job. She told me that of all… Continue reading.

July 18, 2016

Is Teamwork a Part of Your Team's Work?

“Teamwork” means very different things to different people. Imagine you’re sitting at table with your team and you ask them to independently… Continue reading.

July 13, 2016

What's So Great About Group Coaching?

Last week we talked a little about the trick to group coaching. Now, let’s look at a few of the benefits. Group Coaching:… Continue reading.

July 11, 2016

Coach Your Employees like a Geocacher

When I say “treasures” you may know exactly what I'm talking about. Then again, about 90% of the people I talk to have never heard of it.… Continue reading.

July 07, 2016

Strength in Numbers

So, why does group coaching help build stronger teams?  And how does it drive business outcomes? There's no magic involved.… Continue reading.

July 05, 2016

Leadership is Personal

If you want to get under my skin, just continue talking about people as commodities. We all have pet peeves, and this is one of mine. People… Continue reading.

July 01, 2016

Greatest Hits—Your Top 5 Blog Posts from June [SlideShare]

We had such a rousing response to our Marvelous May SlideShare, we made another to bring you highlights from June. We kicked off with the… Continue reading.

June 30, 2016

Top 10 Takeaways from The Leadership Challenge® Forum

Were you able to attend the 2016 The Leadership Challenge® Forum? A week ago our team headed down to Nashville, Tennessee, for an… Continue reading.

June 28, 2016

How Do You Fill Your Coaching Shopping Cart?

Here in the U.S. we truly live in abundance. Almost every time I go to the store I am overwhelmed by the choices available—who knew there… Continue reading.

June 27, 2016

Pop Quiz: How Can You Mend a Broken Team?

We care a lot around here at FlashPoint about the best ways to improve team effectiveness. Why?  Effective teams drive business… Continue reading.

June 21, 2016

Shedding Light on Silent, Unnamed Team Dynamics

One of my favorite things to do is day-hike in the beautiful outdoors in my part of Northern Arizona, where we have a huge forest of towering… Continue reading.

June 20, 2016

What Do Smartphone Trends Have to Do With Leader Development? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Last month we looked at the leadership trends that affect you and your organization. One of the most pressing issues is the need and ability to… Continue reading.

June 15, 2016

Pop Quiz: How Do Exemplary Leaders Lead Exemplarily?

Think you're up to speed on the behaviors that make a leader effective? Test your knowledge now . . . … Continue reading.

June 14, 2016

New Leader Assimilation

Congratulations! After a long search and numerous interviews, the job is yours. You start in two weeks, and if you’re thinking ahead you’re… Continue reading.

June 13, 2016

Shed the Episodic and Embrace the Strategic

Calling for a new mind-set around leadership development, we encourage organizations to make leadership their number one priority and to… Continue reading.

June 08, 2016

Leadership Lessons from a Victorious Rookie

Congratulations to Alexander Rossi, a rookie driver in the Verizon Indy Car series, for winning the 100th Running of the Indianapolis… Continue reading.

June 06, 2016

Navigating the Ocean of Leadership Development Choices?

When I talk to clients, they seem daunted by the number of leadership development choices they have. I understand why. Last year alone, more… Continue reading.

June 03, 2016

Leadership Gold—7 Greatest Hits from the Month of May

Our readers have spoken, and we've responded.  We made this Top 7 Greatest Hits SlideShare to make it simple and fun for… Continue reading.

May 31, 2016

How to Do Leadership Development in a Digital World

By 2017, over a third of the world’s population is projected to own a smartphone, an estimated total of almost 2.6 billion people. The… Continue reading.

May 25, 2016

Are You Limiting Your Leaders to Vanilla?

Communication, leadership, teamwork . . . a few of my favorite leadership terms, but what do these words really mean?  Is it possible… Continue reading.

May 23, 2016

Great Teams Focus On Results

Guest Post by Deseri Garcia Show me the money!  If… Continue reading.

May 18, 2016

Why Leadership Development

It is almost mid-year and you can feel the business cycle getting faster.  What if your leaders had significantly higher goal… Continue reading.

May 16, 2016

5 Ways to Use a Retreat to Build Leaders

Ineffective and inefficient teams are a common malady of companies today; team leaders often look to a team retreat as the answer. Does this… Continue reading.

May 11, 2016

Pop Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Emerging Leaders?

Think you could pick your emerging leaders out of a crowd? A POP QUIZ An… Continue reading.

May 10, 2016

Leadership: Not Just for CEOs Anymore

When I started my career I worked in the “worldwide headquarters” of a manufacturing company in Chicago. Only the CEO and a small handful of… Continue reading.

May 06, 2016

What Trends Affect Leadership?

Leaders are made, which is why FlashPoint exists. National studies show that leadership development is a challenge for many businesses, which… Continue reading.

May 04, 2016

5 Leaders We Built This Website For

My background is in graphic design. Graphic designers LOVE to talk about rebrands—all of the factors that drove them to the incredible new… Continue reading.

May 03, 2016

Sharpening Our Focus, Increasing Our Impact

Having spent 20 years consulting with businesses on HR and talent challenges, I have come to believe that the number-one indicator of business… Continue reading.

April 27, 2016

Are You a Robotic Leader?

Ever-evolving technology, globalization, and other factors have changed the way we interact as humans, which in turn changes the way we do work.… Continue reading.

April 01, 2016

Leaders as Teachers

Like many young children, I thought I might want to be a teacher when I grew up. I admired most of my teachers, I could see how smart they were,… Continue reading.

March 31, 2016

Leaders Need Coaches Too

Are you feeling the strain of a retiring workforce and looking for ways to fill the gap in talent? Are you always looking for fresh ways to… Continue reading.

March 31, 2016

3 Ways Team Leaders Can Turn a Dysfunctional Team into a Well-Oiled Machine

May 2016 marks the 100th running of the world's Greatest Spectacle in Racing, the Indianapolis 500. If you've ever seen a car race—from… Continue reading.

March 30, 2016

6 Ways to Build a Better Team

I'm a huge music lover. You name the genre—it's in my playlist. I'm a musician, too. Bass is my primary instrument, and I've played in a… Continue reading.

March 26, 2016

Coaching Powers People to Become Leaders

Remember Remember the Titans? What do you remember about that movie (other than football)? The next time you're channel surfing and stumble… Continue reading.

March 24, 2016
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